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Timothy Griffin: Looking Up

A Letter to My Sons

(Timothy Griffin)
June 14, 2014

bronzeboots_resized.jpgOne day soon, you’ll become a man. My heart’s desire is that you’ll choose God’s plan. The fact that you’re God’s boy should make this easier to fashion. But an enemy called Satan will make this more difficult than you can imagine.

To combat this, you must strive to be different, not for difference sake alone, but for the call of God, because you are His own. This means forsaking many things being done by the crowd, instead doing what is right and doing it out loud. You see, if everyone is doing it, it probably isn’t right. But choosing the narrow path will often prove a lonely flight. The key is knowing what to do, boldly doing what you know, because in so doing you’re aware that you will grow.

My selfish hope is that what you do, will be done because of me. Yet my true desire is that you live your life for God alone to see. Always remember that your unmatched love for God, will carry you to lofty heights where true pilgrims dare to trod. Your willingness to enter daily into His waiting grasp will protect you from the enemy’s hand and his constant wrath.

When I was a child, I longed to be a man. Now a man, I miss my past. Yet, I envy not your present, for life’s declining way too fast. God’s design for boys to men is not the unquestioned norm. Brash, outspoken girls have replaced the ones who valued charm. Marriage is no longer a need to spread your priceless seed. The covenant between he and she, fewer and fewer heed.

looking_up.jpgYet, may you never conform to the standards of your day, but be transformed in the hope you have in heaven where you’ll stay.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, your soul, your mind and love your neighbor as yourself, with this true peace you’ll find. Finally, may I see the day when God gives you the one and may I gently kiss the cheeks of your daughters and your sons.

You may not comprehend all I’ve said to you this day, but unpacking these words will be my task as I guide you on life’s way. Stay close to me, as I look to God and aim you like bows from an arrow toward the target He’s placed for you as you march the straight and narrow.

With love and prayers for you my lad, your proud and hopeful dad.