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Timothy Griffin: Looking Up

I'm Going to See Daddy!

(Timothy Griffin)
January 27, 2014

father_daughter.jpgThis morning, as I sat at my desk, amidst the many voices and footsteps that I could hear in the hall, I suddenly heard the sweet little voice of a girl saying, “I’m going to see my daddy.” You could hear the sheer joy and anticipation in her voice as she turned onto my hallway to make the final steps toward her dad’s office.

As she passed she looked back at me and waved. And though I had given her candy on a recent visit -- a gesture I’m sure she remembered. At this moment, all I got was a wave because she had more important things on her mind. She was going to see her daddy and there was nothing getting in her way.

I heard her footsteps quicken as she got closer to his office and then as silence fell, I assumed she had reached her joyful destination.

However, about a minute later, her dad passed my office heading to his office. Just as he was passing by, he turned back around – apparently he had forgotten something. But an instant later, he halted as he heard a familiar voice squeal, “Daddy!”

One of two things became apparent to me -- either this little girl knew the sound of her dad’s walk or when she found he wasn’t there, she camped out in a place where she wouldn’t miss his arrival. Whichever the case, as soon as this father heard his daughter’s voice, whatever he had turned back to do became unimportant as he quickly went down the hall to scoop his child up.

Surely you’ve seen the parallel by now with the relationship between us and our heavenly Father – with one ever-comforting difference -- He is never missing when we go to seek for Him.

looking_up.jpgBut the question is, how often do we seek to go into His presence with the kind of joy this little girl had for her father? How often do our steps quicken as we get closer to the spot that we can be alone with Him? How often do people see unbridled excitement from us because of the fact that we’ve spend time with our Father?

As I glanced at the smile of joy that I saw on this father’s face as he carried his little girl back up the hall pass my office. I thought, this is the just a small glimpse of the pride and joy that our heavenly Father displays as He scoops us up and loves on us when we go into His presence.

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” – Mark 1:35

Timothy Griffin serves as a Campus Pastor at Liberty University. The Campus Pastors Office exists to help produce students who have the highest standards of Christian conduct and Biblical principles so that they may reach people for Christ in whatever venue that the Lord may call them.