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Timothy Griffin: Looking Up

Jealous God

(Timothy Griffin)
August 30, 2013

rings.jpgThree months ago, as my wife and I celebrated our 12th anniversary, one of my gifts to her was having her wedding rings repaired.

Today, as I waited for my order at a local drive thru, I was reminded of my dual purpose in providing this token of affection to her.

As the female employee was preparing my order, probably through some unseen signal, another of her female co-workers popped up at the window.  And in a dejected voice, spoken a little louder than she thought, she said “we don’t want no married men coming through the drive thru.” I couldn’t help but kind of laugh, to which she replied, “did you hear me?” I said “yes” and she quickly let me know, “we always joke around like that.” As she walked away, she encouraged me to have some of my unmarried friends come by.

I didn’t have to tell this lady I was married, my visibly-banded ring finger on the steering wheel was all the information she needed.

looking_up.jpgWell during the time that my wife’s rings were in need of repair, she would sometimes wear one of them, but many days she would go without. Being the observant husband that I am, I noticed that she can still turn more heads than mine. While this is good for my ego, I wanted to make sure that just like those ladies noticed today, that any man glancing at her would know that she is spoken for. Those rings say that she is a “kept” woman.

There are many things we know about God. He is all-powerful, merciful, loving and kind, to name a few. But, I think we need to remember that He is also jealous. In Exodus 20:4-5 God tells the Israelites, “You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the LORD your God am a jealous God.”

As Christians, I believe that often times we get the meat of the big statements but we miss the gravy. Sure, we understand that there is only one God, but at the core of this command is God’s hatred of anything that is in preference to or in competition with Him.  

Those things or preferences that we deem “okay,” are they keeping us or our brothers and sisters from seeing God in His fullness?  And what about those lifestyle choices that we make, that put attention on us instead of Him? We can deny all we want, but God knows the thoughts and intents of our hearts -- from what we say, to what we wear to how we move. And when He says repeatedly, He is a jealous God, He means business.

God wants to see that ring around our lives that tells the world we are “kept” people. Let’s make it our desire to keep looking to Him and living for Him.

Timothy Griffin serves as a Campus Pastor at Liberty University. The Campus Pastors Office exists to help produce students who have the highest standards of Christian conduct and Biblical principles so that they may reach people for Christ in whatever venue that the Lord may call them.