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Timothy Griffin: Looking Up

Honey Hoax

(Timothy Griffin)
July 25, 2012

looking_up.jpgThe other day my family and I went to a fast food restaurant. Biscuits were a part of our order. For my wife’s taste buds, biscuits require honey, so I asked for some honey.

As we sat down at the table, I asked my wife if I could have a packet of the honey. She remarked, “it’s honey sauce.” I replied, “What is honey sauce?”

I then answered my own question by reading the label and finding that the first two ingredients in the honey sauce were high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup. The third ingredient was sugar and finally, the fourth ingredient was actually honey. Now for those who don’t read labels, ingredients are listed in order of the amounts of the particular food contained in the item.

So in essence, I asked for honey, but what I got was a packet, that on continued reading, I found actually contained 7% honey.

Why would the restaurant serve 7% honey? The short answer is because they can get away with a cheaper fix. You see, to be honest, the honey sauce tasted pretty good. In fact, most people would have been hard pressed to tell the difference.honey_resized.jpg

Well, the world is in need of true 100 % Christians, but unfortunately what they’re getting is Christian sauce. If you were to go down the ingredients in many Christian’s lives, the first ingredient would be worldliness. The second might be compromise. The third might be complacency.  Perhaps, the fourth would be true Christianity. The percentage might be 20%.

The question is why would we serve up 20% Christianity to a world in need of the real deal? The short answer is because we think we can get away with it. To be honest, 20% Christianity might be strong enough to win some folks to Christ. But think about it, if 20% Christianity is the example for a new Christian, how strong will their walk ultimately be? 

A Christian operating at 40% may even make a little “noise” for the kingdom, but that is just what our adversary, the devil, wants. He can live with a little noise. You see, the world may not know the impact that a 100% sold-out Christian can make, but the enemy does. And he knows that anything less than 100% is the beginning of the foothold he needs to hinder the cause of Christ.

Of course, Christ knows His intent for His children. In Revelations 3:16-17, commenting on the works of the Church at Laodicea, He said, “I know your deeds … because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.” What a sad event -- for the actions of a child of God to be utterly rejected.

Are you the real deal or an impure hodgepodge of ingredients? — Pastor Tim